Long and Short

Risk Management

Advanced Trading Tools

Our team brings together over 35 years of combined investment experience to put these principles to work.   The Chief Investment Officer is Greg Harmon, CMT, CFA and he is heading up our team.  Derald Muniz brings trading experience in many different types of markets and securities.  Finally, G. Thomas Lackey Jr, CMT, CFP(R), brings financial and investment management experience specializing in technical and quantitative analysis of the markets.  The combination of these skill sets is what sets our team apart.

Our weekly process starts with an extensive high level review of the markets and works its way down to individual securities to provide specific trading ideas.  This is followed by daily monitoring and review of the market environment and existing positions.  The process allows us to identify the investment opportunities that have the best chance of an outsized move over the near term.  The trade plan is then designed identifying the parameters of the trade including when to buy, where to take profits and where we should exit the trade to protect capital.

Portfolio Specifications

  • Presidium offers two portfolios managed to their specific objectives
  • Presidium Portfolios are designed for  Qualified clients defined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Brokerage or IRA account. Inquire for further details on the minimums and fee information
  • Clients have individual custodial accounts with no commingling
  • No long term lock ups on client assets


Presidium Portfolios for non-qualified client portfolios managed through a joint venture between Presidium Capital and Barber Lackey Financial Group.



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